DV-636DK Side View with Rose Pink LED Lighting DV-636DK Side View with Rose Pink LED Lighting
DV-636DK Wine Fridge with Icy Blue LED Lighting DV-636DK Wine Fridge with Icy Blue LED Lighting
DV-636DK Large Capacity Wine Fridge DV-636DK Large Capacity Wine Fridge
DV-636DK Built-in Wall in the reception counter at a high class marble shop DV-636DK Built-in Wall in the reception counter at a high class marble shop
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105-114 Bottle Dual-Zone Jet Black Wine Fridge

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Product Specification
  • Bottle Storing Capacity: 105-114 bottles (standard Bordeaux 750 mL)
  • Temperature Range: 5~20°C
  • Humidity: Around 50 - 80%RH
  • Sound Level: Around 40db(a)
  • Control Style: Touch Panel
  • Filter: Activated Charcoal Filter
  • Refrigerant: R600a Eco-Friendly
  • Detachable Beechwood Shelf (1 piece) 
  • Detachable Beechwood Display Shelves (11 pieces) 
  • Fixed Shelves (2 pieces) 
  • Installation: Free Standing and Built-in Capable
  • °F/°C Convertible
  • Ultra-silent Compressor
  • Security Lock
  • Accessories: Key
  • Electrical Specs: 220V / 50Hz / 0.7A
  • Weight: 91kg
  • Product Dimensions: W 59.5 x D 57 x H 179.6 cm
  • Packing Dimensions: W 75 x D 72.5 x H 186 cm
  • 2-year warranty (excludes the compressor)
  • 3-year warranty for the compressor
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Looking for a wine fridge for your cafe, bar or restaurant?
DV-636DK Built-in a Storage Cabinet of Dining Room With Moon White Lighting On

Elevate Your Wine Storage Experience

Discover the perfect blend of style and functionality with our DV-636DK wine refrigerator. A sleek, jet-black design with a modern frameless glass door, ensuring your wine collections are stored with elegance.

Detachable Beechwood Shelves
Detachable Beechwood Display Shelves
Eco-Friendly R600a Refrigerant
Eco-Friendly R600a Refrigerant
Activated Charcoal Filter
Activated Charcoal Filter
Ideal for the Australian Climate
Ideal for Australia Climate
Triple-Pane Low-E Glass Door
Triple-Pane Low-E Glass Door
High/Low Temperature Alarm
High/Low Temperature Alarm
DV-636DK Dual-Zone Wine Fridge Top & Bottom Zones Individually Controlled at a Range of 5-20°C

5-20°C Temperature Control for Versatile Wines

Experience versatility like never before with the dual-zone wine cooler. Individually control the top and bottom zones within a broad temperature range of 5-20°C. This feature empowers you to tailor the perfect storage, serving, or aging conditions for various types of wine in your collections.

Triple-Pane Low-E Glass Description

Triple-Pane Glass Door for Premium Wine Care

Safeguard your wines with triple-pane Low-E glass – UV protection, enhanced insulation, and minimal energy consumption, all in one. Trust in elite preservation for your cherished collections.

DV-636DK Touch Control Panel for Upper & Lower Zones

Easy Control with Touch Panels

Experience convenience at your fingertips with our touch control panels. A gentle touch initiates various settings, from powering on/off and adjusting LED lights to fine-tuning temperatures and switching between Celsius and Fahrenheit. Simplify your wine storage management with intuitive touch controls.

Enhance Your Space with 3-in-1 LED Side Lights

Choose from rose pink, moon white and icy blue LED lights that can be set to automatic or manual - On/Off: lights on when door opens and lights off when door is closed or switch to manual. Elevate your surroundings with personalized lighting to suit your mood and setting.

Flexible Shelving for Diverse Collections

DV-636DK Provide Flexible Shelving Options

Experience the versatility of our flexible shelving system. Compatible with a range of wine types, from Riesling and Bordeaux to Burgundy and Rhone, accommodating bottles of similar sizes. The Horizontal Beechwood Display Wine Racks feature smooth 3-section ball bearing slides, providing effortless access to your collection. Showcase two bottles horizontally with labels facing the glass door, adding an elegant touch to your wine presentation.

The Upper & Lower Fixed Shelves

The upper and lower fixed shelves provide wider spaces for bigger bottles, such as Pinot Noir (New World), Champagne, other sparkling wines, and some magnum bottles (1.5 L).

Upper Shelf >>>

DV-636DK Lower Shelf Can Store Up To 19 Bottles of 750mL Standard Wine

Lower Shelf (750mL) >>>

DV-636DK Buttom Shelf Can Stored 1.5L (1500mL) Megnum Bottles

Lower Shelf (magnum bottles)

DV-636DK is a Lockable Wine Fridge

Advanced Security for Your Collection

Elevate your peace of mind with our advanced security lock, ensuring the safety of your wine collection and preventing unwanted access. A key feature for a worry-free wine experience.

Preventing Odour from Affecting the Quality of Wines

Fresh Air for Your Wines

Experience the benefits of our activated charcoal filter, effectively removing harmful substances and preserving the pristine quality of your cherished wines by preventing unwanted odors.

DV-636DK Bottle Capacity & Built-in Dimensions

DV-636DK Bottle Capacity from 105 to 114 bottles of wine DV-636DK Bottle Capacity for Standard Bordeaux Bottles Up to 114 Bottles

DV-636DK Wine Fridge Projects

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