Warranty Information

Thank you for purchasing a wine fridge from DIVIN Australia Pty Ltd. We provide 2-year warranty for the products (except for accessory and consumables) and 3-year for compressor (except for solenoid valves) from the purchase date. Any faulty parts will be repaired and/or replaced at no charge under warranty conditions, due to manufacturing faults. Manufacturing faults do not extend to negligence or misuse. 


Product Warranty Terms and Conditions

  1. Once the warranty period expires, there will be charges for parts replacement, service, and maintenance fee, according to the price list supplied when requested. This list can be updated at DIVIN Australia’s discretion at any time. Substitute parts will be used for repair when the replacement part is not available.
  2. Once the damage is caused by improper use of the wine fridge including but not limited to negligence or misuse within the warranty period, we will quote extra charges for inspection service and travelling fees.
  3. Once it is determined by our technician, which is not covered by the warranty within the warranty period, repairs will begin only if the client agrees with the quotation and charges.
  4. Please provide a warranty certificate to the service staff during maintenance.
  5. The warranty is only available in Australia.


Product Warranty Disclaimer (the warranty does not cover the following):

  1. Defective product, provided by the client, is determined not to be the products of DIVIN Australia.
  2. Defective products with expired warranty.
  3. Damages caused by unauthorised disassembly and reassembly, improper care and maintenance, or any usage not deemed negligent which is not limited to usage described in the Operation Manual.
  4. Defective product form improper source or illegal acquisition.
  5. Product not purchased form DIVIN Australia or authorised distributors.
  6. Wear, scratch, stain, and deformation on appearance due to human factors.
  7. Damage caused by using device or accessory, which is not conforming to specifications.
  8. Consumables e.g. filters.
  9. Loss of any wine or other products, stored in the DIVIN wine fridges, due to compressor failure.
  10. Damages caused by acts of God, pest and rat Infestation, or inadequate power supply.
  11. Influenced by the special environment, which is high-corrosion areas, such as brimstone area, high salinity coastal zone, marsh gas, chemical corrosion or on a boat.
  12. Non-functional damages as a result of user’s expectation, audio frequency, volume, etc.
  13. Warranty certificate is damaged, lost, altered, or illegible.
  14. Warranty covers only the wine fridge itself, not the contents of preservation.
  15. Any other possible risks that client should bear in the use of the wine fridge, such as change in temperature or moisture, cork leak, fire, flood, mildew, corruption of content, desiccation, etc.