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The DIVIN Story

Launched in Australia in 2022, DIVIN is an international wine fridge and customised cellaring brand. We’ve been proudly manufacturing exceptional wine storage solutions since 2013. From inception, DIVIN has been recognised by industry professionals as a premium wine storage provider, delivering exceptional fridges and cellaring solutions for domestic and commercial applications. We share your passion for wine and our vision is twofold: to enhance your experience further, and protect your collection, no matter the size or value. Behind every bottle of wine lies an extraordinary story, and we strive to ensure your wines are developed to their full potential.

Journey of DIVIN

Stylish | Premium | Protective

About DIVIN Wine Fridges

Crafted to exacting standards from the highest quality materials, DIVIN wine fridges are engineered to enhance the cellaring, storing, and serving conditions required for your wine collection. We utilize the latest technology to maintain an optimum wine storage environment that best suits your requirements. Our innovative design guarantees constant temperatures along with increased energy efficiency and end-user customization. You can be assured that we have the most appropriate wine fridge to suit your application. Finding a solution to your specific needs is what drives us, and we look forward to joining you on this journey.

DV-568DSD Wine Fridge are User Friendly

Passionate | Driven | Intelligent

Wine Fridges With Innovative Design

DIVIN is inspired by the French, meaning ‘sacred’ and ‘excellent’. We design our products to ensure that the efforts of farming, harvesting, and producing exceptional wine are honored from vineyard to glass. By incorporating innovative features into the design and build of all our products, we create the best opportunity for our customers to enjoy their wines at their optimal best. To significantly reduce condensation, we utilize triple-pane, low-emissivity glass which is coated to ensure the set temperature remains constant, regardless of external conditions. This feature allows our products to work more efficiently, thus reducing the energy required to run smoothly. Accompanied by the seamless finishes of our models; our fridges are suited to any application in any climate.

DV-568DSD Detachable Shelf Display in a Bar

Customisable | Individual | Flexible

User Friendly Wine Fridges

Recommended by Sommelier Associations internationally, all DIVIN wine fridges are completely customizable for our customers once installed. We provide our customers with great flexibility in our products to cellar, store, or serve their wine however they desire. Our flexible, removable shelving can accommodate all bottle types to give you complete control over how your collection can be stored and displayed. The touchscreen display can be used to adjust the temperatures of each zone to those best suited for the wines featured in your collection. Your wine storage model can be adjusted as and when desired to support how you wish to preserve your wine. Ultimately, you will enjoy being in complete control over your collection and can look forward to peak enjoyment from every bottle.

Premium Quality Wine Fridges

Sturdy | Quiet | Efficient– Premium quality is guaranteed when choosing DIVIN, as the highest-grade materials are employed to craft our wine storage solutions. Our state-of-the-art compressor is ultra-quiet and boasts anti-vibration qualities. This, coupled with strong anti-vibration construction materials ensures our products run exceptionally quietly. To enhance the quality of stored wine, DIVIN’s anti-vibration properties also prevent chemical changes from occurring, resulting in longer storage and cellaring conditions for your wines. Additionally, DIVIN wine fridges are equipped with an activated charcoal filter to purify the expelled air. All of these considerations are a testament to the outstanding quality you can expect from DIVIN’s premium wine fridges.

Superior Service

Approachable | Determined | Committed– DIVIN provides excellent after-sales support to provide our customers with assistance wherever necessary with their DIVIN products. We offer a superior warranty period as standard, with 2-year warranty on fridges and parts, excluding accessories and consumables. Our compressors also come with a 3-year warranty, further enhancing customer satisfaction. At DIVIN, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional wine storage solutions, and this extends past the date of purchase. Our support team is eager to assist should you experience any issues. Simply email us at support@divinwinefridges.com.au. We want to make certain that you are using your DIVIN products to the best of your capabilities, and we are always happy to hear from our customers.

DIVIN Wine Fridge a Proud Member of Sommeliers Australia

DIVIN Wine Fridges Member of Sommeliers Australia

We are a proud member of Sommeliers Australia, an esteemed association dedicated to advancing education and expertise in the hospitality and drinks industries. As a leading provider of high-quality wine fridges, DIVIN’s commitment to enhancing the cellaring, storing, and serving conditions for wine collections aligns perfectly with Sommeliers Australia’s mission. This membership solidifies DIVIN’s dedication to offering the finest wine storage solutions and contributing to the industry’s knowledge and development.

DIVIN Sponsor Wine Fridge at Taiwan best Sommelier competition
DIVIN Sponsor 2021 Asia Best Sommelier Competition

DIVIN was chosen to be the only wine fridge brand used for storing the wines of the 16th and 17th Best Sommelier of the World Competition-Taiwan National Candidate Contest, the 1st Taiwan Sparkling Wine Competition, 2021 Asia’s Best Sommelier Competition in French Wines, the Best Taiwan Sommelier Competition of 2018~2023 (annually).

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