Large Microfibre Cloth Reusable Easy to Clean & Dry Large Microfibre Cloth Reusable Easy to Clean & Dry
Strong Water Absorption Quickly Wipe Dry No Water Mark Strong Water Absorption Quickly Wipe Dry No Water Mark
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DIVIN Australia

DIVIN Microfibre Multi-Purpose Cleaning Cloth

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This large microfibre cloth lets you wipe off any fingerprint, water mark, smudge or dust from the glass without leaving any lint.

  • Reusable, Easy to clean and dry.
  • Large size, 65 x 50 cm.
  • Strong water absorption, quickly wipe dry without leaving any trace of water mark.
  • Clean thoroughly without scratching the surface.
  • Color: White + Gray Cork edge.
  • 80% polyester, 20% nylon.
  • Also suitable for metal and other materials, making it great for cleaning your DIVIN wine fridge glass doors or frames.

The first S of Five S's wine tasting steps is β€œSee”

Look and observe the appearance of the wine and see what it tells you. What color is it? Notice if the wine is clear and brilliant or cloudy and dull? This gives the taster clues to the grape variety or age of the wine. However, if the wine glass is not cleaned and maintained properly, it’s easy to leave dust on the surface, which greatly affects the wine-tasting experience.

Large Microfibre Cloth Reusable Easy to Clean & Dry

The DIVIN microfiber multi-purpose cleaning wipe designed for cleaning & drying, making your glassware crystals clear. Its purpose is to deep clean and bring back the shininess to your wine glasses or other glass wine vessels. Remove dust,fingerprints, water stains, grease and other dirt easily and conveniently, and to enhance your wine tasting experience like a profession!

Other Applications

In addition to cleaning glassware, DIVIN microfiber multi-purpose cleaning cloth is also suitable for cleaning metal and other materials, simply remove dust and stains with a single wipe.

DIVIN Cleaning Cloth Can Clean Metal & Other Materials

Cleaning metal and other materials

Remove oil and dust from wine fridges, refrigerators, ovens, coffee machines, and other kitchen appliances.

Cleaning Musical Instruments

Cleaning musical instruments

Gently wipe away fingerprints from piano, violin, saxophone, flute etc.

Cleaning Gadget

Cleaning gadget

Simply wipe off dust and oil from gadget products such as mobile phones, computers, tablets, etc. without leaving fluff.

Wiping Camera Lenses & Eye-Glasses

Wiping camera lenses and eye-glasses

Delicately protect and wiping camera lenses and eye-glasses,
without scratching the surfaces.